5m screen suitable for up to 300 people

3m screen suitable for up to 100 people

Each hire comes with a PA system, projector and Blu Ray player

*You can hire each screen without the above equipment. $100 for the 3m screen

Our new outdoor cinema packages are perfect for backyard hires, business events or community events.


We offer two sizes:

  • 5m screen for up to 300 people. Best suited for community events, fundraisers, hotel/pub footy events (as an example)

This hire comes with:
PA set up - 2 x 1000watt speakers and a sub

Projector and dvd blu ray player, plus device/leads for computer, TV etc

Constant blower vac operation (needs power)

Front projection

All leads

Tie down ropes

We can also help with securing your movie rights. Just let us know what movie you are wanting to screen and we can send you a list.


Set up option only. Prices start from $550 (without a movie licence) - discounts available for registered charities, not for profit groups etc.


  • 3m screen for up to 100 people

Perfect for backyard parties


PA set up - 500 watt speaker system

Projector (front projection)

Constant blower Vac operation (needs power)

DVD/blue ray player

​Pick up or set up options available. Prices start from $250

You can also hire the screen only for $100.